written by K. Ann Karr.                          As we make our way through life, at some point we start to ask the universal questions that everyone asks of themselves, or SHOULD ask of themselves, what makes one happy. When we are young and invincible, (myth)… Continue reading Preface

Local Seafood Delivery

written by K. Ann Karr So the game change for Local Seafood Delivery was real, from the guys from the docks allowing Charlie to get seafood on credit until the following week really helped his business to start to grow. He was able to budget his buys better for what was trending with his customers… Continue reading Local Seafood Delivery

Mother’s Day

                                     written by K. Ann Karr There are all types of Mothers and that is good. They are cooks, protectors, teachers, disciplinarians, supporters, and critics. I was lucky that I had 2 strong parents that tried to teach… Continue reading Mother’s Day

Local Seafood Delivery

written by K. Ann Karr Graduated from college -check Started business during recession- check Not using one damn thing I learned in business classes-check Making about a buck an hour-check RIGHT ON TRACK After a disappointing first day at the Farmer’s Market Charlie’s family was eagerly waiting to hear. When asked how he did he just… Continue reading Local Seafood Delivery